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Leadership / General Business / Change / Project Management / YP / Collaboration February 18, 2020

So, What Exactly Is Emotional Intelligence?

Let’s talk a little about the warm and fuzzy side of maintaining healthy relationships: Emotional Intelligence. Ok, maybe not as warm and fuzzy as you thought it was going to be, but your EI (or EQ) is super important in the workplace and at home. So, what exactly is Emotional Intelligence?

Leadership / General Business / Communication / Project Management / YP / Collaboration / Sinikka Waugh December 3, 2019

Oops, we did it again!

Keys to Recovering from (and Preventing) Mistakes

General Business / Communication / Project Management / YP / Sinikka Waugh November 5, 2019

Building a Better Business Case

3 Steps To A Better Business Case

Project Management / Collaboration / Sinikka Waugh October 29, 2019

Don't Spook Your Stakeholders

Tips on How to Avoid Spooking your Stakeholders

General Business / Change / Project Management / YP / Sinikka Waugh September 24, 2019

Change Your Mind

Before the Ice Cream Starts Melting in Lane 7

Project Management / Time Management / Sinikka Waugh September 19, 2019

I Hate to Tell Ya, But We're Running Late

Four Tips for Explaining Your Lateness

“This is taking longer than I thought”

“We’re running behind”

“Something went sideways, and we are going to take longer at this than we had planned”

As we look through words and phrases like those, most of us dread hearing them. Having recently had a car in for body work much longer than expected, I know how much I don’t love to hear those words. But what...

Project Management / Time Management / Collaboration / Sinikka Waugh September 17, 2019

Making Agile More Approachable

Do you want happier teams, better quality deliverables, and more satisfied customers? Then you might want to take some quick tips from Agile...

General Business / Project Management August 1, 2019

Speaking Of...

Five Tips to Make Small Group Meetings More Effective

If you’ve been following along for a while now, you’ve likely noticed several classes and newsletters about formal meeting etiquette and presentation skills. As one of our most requested topics, we all know there is very much a time and place to put these skills to work. Likely, we’ve all encountered at least one opportunity to facilitate a...

Project Management March 21, 2019

Five Simple Ways to Use Project Management to Make Your Vacation Even Better

There are lots of ways project management is useful in our day to day lives, both at work and at home. We believe it is a powerful tool and not something reserved just for those with Project Manager in their title. Project Management is something we can all practice. So, we want to highlight five specific ways that leveraging project management could save your vacation.

Project Management December 27, 2018

5 Overlooked Project Management Essentials and How to Tackle Them

Attend any of our Project Management classes lately, regardless of the length of the class, and the same three things keep coming up over and over and over. The studies from Gardner and Standish, and even reports from Project Management Institute show disproportionately high numbers of projects that have failed. Depending on which study you follow, some report 55% to 75% of business projects...