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Daily Connections Recap - 3/25/2020 - Finding Hope

As we enter a period of renewal and change, Your Clear Next Step is committed to helping our customers make their businesses and workdays even better. We will be here to walk beside you, to listen, to connect, and to aid in your search for clarity. In doing so, we are offering a free, daily Zoom call, called Daily Connections, at 1:15pm (CDT) every weekday from 3/19/2020-5/1/2020.

These calls are a chance for us to share tips and discussion about relevant topics (working remotely, maintaining consistency in uncertain times, building relationships across geography, staying motivated, staying connected, etc) and network with each other to provide help and support during this time of change.

Thank you to everyone who was able to join us today! The next call will be Thursday, March 26th at 1:15pm (CDT). Click here to join.

On today's call...

Sinikka shared a few tips about finding hope.

  • Regardless of where you are on your journey through this difficult time, there will likely come a day when you, or the person you’re talking to, need to find hope and take that next step forward.
  • In the moment – catch yourself.  Change your focus.
    • Phone a friend
    • Go outside
    • Pray, read scripture, meditate
  • Once you have a grip – name the thing that’s causing you stress
    • Name it, figure out where it’s coming from and why you’re feeling it
    • Evaluate the extent to which it’s true, real, permanent
  • Identify one tactical, concrete thing to do next.
  • Take that next step and phone the same friend

We’ve shared more about finding joy in a recent blog, and there may be tips there that can help you. Check it out here.   

Here were some ideas and questions tossed out and answered by group

  • We are the only animals on the planet who have the ability to think about our emotions. We can feel them as they happen, but we also have the ability to sort them out and analyze them from an intellectual perspective, instead of just an emotional perspective.
  • It's been said before that “fear comes from ignorance. So, the more we can be aware and understand what’s going on, the more we will be able to get our anxiety and fear and emotions under control.
  • As Mr. Rogers said, “What will you do with the mad that you feel?”  What about the sad? Or the anxiety? 
    • Will you use the fear or sadness or anxiety to create more fear and sadness and anxiety for yourself? Or will you use it to educate yourself or reach out to a friend and stay connected.
  • Be intentional about what information you are consuming. When this first started it almost felt necessary to take in as much news coverage and data and stats as possible. But that can create more negative emotions than it's worth. Consider seeking out information that causes you to find truth, or helps you process, instead of the information that will just make you anxious.
  • Also be intentional about who you engage with. We know connection is important during this time of physical distancing, however, as an introvert, sometimes human connection can be draining. Think about the people who will help "fill your cup," or help you fight off fear and anxiety, and consider spending a little more time connecting with them. 
  • YCYOA - Your Choose Your Own Attitude
    • There was a study not long ago, that indicated if 96 good things happened, but 4 bad things happened, there’s something about our human nature that will causes us to dwell on those 4 bad things that just took place. Why not choose your own attitude and, instead, forget the 4 bad things, and focus on the other 96 instead?
    • While it's important to help people find a better mood for themselves, we also have to respect the bad moods too. 
    • You can (and should) do your best to co-create a good attitude, but you can't control anyone else's feelings or attitudes besides your own. 


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