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General Business / Communication / Sinikka Waugh August 11, 2020

Absolutely Indispensable

3 Tips for Becoming Just That

General Business / Sinikka Waugh August 6, 2020

16 Things for 16 weeks - Part 4

What have we learned?

Whew, we made it! This is our final installment of “16 things we’ve learned in 16 weeks” since March when we found ourselves adapting to a new work and school routine. There were challenges, there were joys, and everything in between--catch up on what else we learned in weeks 1-4, 5-8, and 9-12! As we close out our reflections on 2020 so far, for better or worse, they are...

General Business / Sinikka Waugh August 4, 2020

Three Skills You Need to Help Your Organization Succeed

BA or Not...

General Business / Sinikka Waugh July 31, 2020

16 Things for 16 weeks - Part 3

What have we learned?

We’re back at it with four more things we’ve learned after reflecting on the past few months as we wrap up Summer and prepare for the Fall. Check out last week’s four things here to stay caught up! 

Project Management / Sinikka Waugh July 28, 2020

Take A Risk

3 Tips for Doing Something Risky

General Business / Sinikka Waugh July 24, 2020

16 Things for 16 weeks - Part 2

What have we learned?

We’re picking up where we left off from last week, and unveiling four more things we’ve had the chance to reflect on during the past several months. With school starting and talk of returning to our brick and mortar offices, there’s lots of uncertainty on the horizon. But taking time to reflect on things we’ve learned can help us apply that new knowledge as we move...

Sinikka Waugh July 21, 2020

'No One's Listening To Me!'

Tips on How to Be Heard

Do you ever feel like people aren't listening to you? You've said something or sent a message several times, but they just. Don't. Hear you.

Here's the thing about our messages not getting through to the intended's not their fault. It's ours. I know that's not what you wanted to, well, hear. But the truth is that communication isn't about us, or what's...

General Business / Sinikka Waugh July 17, 2020

16 Things for 16 weeks - Part 1

What have we learned?

We’ve had countless opportunities to reflect in the 16 weeks between mid-March and mid-July. There were moments of fear, frustration, overwhelm, uncertainty, and plenty of bright moments, too. The headlines are full of a renewed level of uncertainty, and it might be easy to start to churn, but instead of that, let’s take a few weeks to reflect on what we’ve learned and...

General Business / Communication / YP / Sinikka Waugh July 14, 2020

Overcome Those Public Speaking Jitters

Stay Calm and Speak Up

With conference season coming, we got to thinking about all the presenters who are putting the finishing touches on keynotes and breakout sessions. In solidarity and support, we wanted to pass along a few tips to help tone-down the stress that often accompanies public speaking even in a virtual setting.

COVID-19 July 10, 2020

Friday Connections Recap - 7/10/2020 - 16 Things We've Learned in 16 Weeks

As we continue through this season of change, Your Clear Next Step is committed to helping our customers make their businesses and workdays even better. We will be here to walk beside you, to listen, to connect, and to aid in your search for clarity.  In doing so, we are offering a free, weekly Zoom calls.  The post below is from the last edition of Friday Connections.  Starting Monday, we'll...