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Communication / Sinikka Waugh January 21, 2021

Communication Mismatch

3 Ways Reflection Can Fix It

Marcus and Amber have worked together for years. They’ve learned to put up with each others’ quirks and communication nuances, and have found ways to collaborate effectively. Outside of work, they occasionally hang out with a larger group, and from watching them, most would consider them friends.

Leadership / Collaboration / Sinikka Waugh January 15, 2021

Supporting New Leaders

Whoever You Are

We’ve seen it before. The story isn’t new. Alex demonstrated phenomenal capability as a software developer; outstanding work, great results, best on the team. So “they” made Alex the team lead, or the team supervisor, or promoted Alex into a leadership role, outside of the developer role. Unfortunately, at that critical moment, Alex wasn’t offered any training, coaching, or...

Collaboration / Faith / Sinikka Waugh January 6, 2021

Good Moods

They're Socially Contagious

It wasn’t quite 6:30 in the morning, and she was smiling. What? It’s been several years now since that remarkable morning, but I’ll never forget her navy blue sedan, facing west, stopped at a traffic light as I was facing east, stopped at that same light. She had her turn signal on, and appeared to be headed to an office building. And she was smiling. And not a...

Faith / Sinikka Waugh December 31, 2020

Looking Forward in the Face of Uncertainty

The Way We Always Have

Do you remember? About a year ago today, we were planning. Dreaming. Hoping. Looking forward to what 2020 had to offer. We knew little to nothing about the pandemic or what disruptions it would bring. We hadn’t the slightest inkling of the scale of the economic, personal, or mental distress that 2020 would lay at our feet. We looked forward, with hope. 

Faith / Sinikka Waugh December 23, 2020

Christmas Joy

A little of My Joy

While it’s absolutely true that the holidays do not bring joy for everyone, and that there are many people grieving or struggling and for whom the holiday season surfaces sad or painful emotions, for many people, the Christmas season is associated with Joy. On this Christmas edition of our weekly blog, let me share a little of my joy, and perhaps somewhere in this list,...

General Business / Communication / Sinikka Waugh December 22, 2020

Doing What is Right

3 More Tips to Help You Do What Is Right (Not Just What Is Easy) This Holiday Season

We've shared before that in the hurry and hustle of the end-of-year season, sometimes it’s easy to do what’s easy or fun, rather than what is right. We get it. We’re human too. We’re all weary and anxious for some time off, and ready to hit reset on a new year. That readiness to move on sometimes manifests...

General Business / Faith / Sinikka Waugh December 17, 2020

Faithful Preparation

For the End of the Year and Beyond

There are lessons that can be taken from the Advent season to help us in our daily and workplace lives. This week, as many are wrapping up their workplace responsibilities for the year, it’s a great time to consider the topic of preparation. Here are five ways we can prepare.

Leadership / Collaboration / Sinikka Waugh December 15, 2020

Dealing With Difficult

Three Things to Keep in Mind When You Encounter Difficult Behaviors at Work

When dysfunctional behaviors rear their ugly heads at work – whether we’re trying to get things done, whether we’re in meetings, or whether we’re making decisions – keeping these three things in mind as our first line of defense can be useful.

General Business / Faith / Sinikka Waugh December 11, 2020

A Dose of Hope

And What to Do With It

As of today, Friday, December 11th, there are just a few working days left this year. Many schools let out on December 18th, and it’s fairly common for the last two weeks of the year to be lighter on meetings and deliverables at work. After an admittedly tough year, a dose of hope is fairly welcome, and I think it’s useful to note that just as we all communicate...

General Business / Collaboration / Sinikka Waugh December 8, 2020

The Mobsters Who Will Rob Your Meeting

Who's in Your Meetings?