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General Business / Communication September 20, 2018

Conflict at Work

Conflict is not fun, especially at work. If you have a conflict with your family, you can probably yell at them without major repercussions. If you yell at people you work with, you will probably lose your job or least jeopardize your place in the organization. Like I said, conflict is not fun.

Communication / General Business September 13, 2018

The Three Way Test

Legend has it that one day the Greek philosopher Socrates (470 – 399 BC) was approached by someone trying to get his attention. The person called out, in the Greek vernacular of the time, “Hey Socrates, wait until you hear what I just learned about So-and-So”.  Before the guy could even say another word, Socrates stopped him and said something like “Wait.  Before you tell me this thing, it...

General Business August 30, 2018

What's In the Bag? - Conference Edition

Conference season is upon us again, and as we prep for all our conferences coming up, we got thinking about all of our conference necessities; the things we wouldn’t leave home without on conference day.

Leadership August 30, 2018

Five Desirable Behaviors Employees Want to See in Their Leaders

A few weeks back I was asked to give a two-hour session to a group of senior leaders on the topic of “leadership” and how it ties to core values.  Yikes.  There are few more talked-about, written-about, blogged-about, topics than leadership.  There are training programs, certification programs, and even degrees available in the subject.  So what do you extract for an up-beat, applicable,...