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Communication February 6, 2019

Listening Ears: Tips for Effective Communication

Some of our most popular classes have titles like “Can You Hear Me Now?” “Is Your Message Getting Through?” and “Be Heard”. With that kind of demand, it sounds like our clients are experiencing a phenomenon that is consistent with what we’re seeing on Facebook and other social media platforms too. Lots of people are talking, and not nearly as many are actually listening.

Leadership / Collaboration February 6, 2019

Leading From a Laptop

So recently, while driving, I passed a billboard sign for a nearby university that had a picture of a keyboard with a chat bubble coming out of it. The words in the chat bubble were “be a leader.” While the ad is eye-catching, and perhaps pithy, I take issue with the concept it conveys and the potential misrepresentation of leadership.

One. Does. Not. Lead. From. A. Computer.

Collaboration February 6, 2019

It Only Takes A Spark

Looking around at media, social media, workplace conversations, dinner table talk, and the arts and entertainment industry, I fear it’s getting dark.  We have become so very judgmental, it’s almost terrifying.

Networking / YP February 6, 2019

How to Make the Most of An Unrelated Internship

My dream is to be a high school math teacher. Unfortunately, there are not a lot of internships or jobs that fit neatly into that dream. This means that i have spent the last two summers at an internship that only sort of kind of related to the field that I want to enter. Perhaps, you’ve had the same problem. Through these experiences, I have discovered ways to leverage work experience that...

General Business / Networking / YP February 6, 2019

Get Comfortable Being Anxious

The first step to being successful is stepping out of your comfort zone- and that means being uncomfortable  

As the new year is well on its way, a time of change is upon us. It’s visible in the leaves as they shift colors and fall off trees, in fashion, as the shorts and tank tops of summer are traded for coats and boots, and as some forge ahead into the New Year, resolutions in hand. 

Communication / YP February 6, 2019

Drive-Thru Communication

When I was about four years old, my parents drove the van through the drive-in part of the bank. After completing their business, they drove away. From the back seat, I piped up and asked, “Where are my fries?” Of course, I never would have imagined that we were doing anything as dull as banking. Surely, we were getting food. All other drive-thru experiences had ended with fries. This...

Communication / YP / Collaboration February 6, 2019

Define the Relationship

I started reading relationship books when I was in middle school. I know it’s not your typical middle schooler reading, but I wanted to learn about how to cultivate positive relationships. Since that time, I have had many a conversation with friends about defining the relationship (DTR). Defining the relationship is a process that the people in a relationship undergo to ensure that all parties...

Communication / Collaboration February 5, 2019

Can We Really Agree to Disagree?

Spoiler alert: yes.

There have been a number of things going on in our society and in our various workplaces recently that are challenging some pretty foundational assumptions we have about ourselves and other people. 

General Business / YP February 5, 2019

A 5-Step Guide to Preparing for An Interview

Time and time again the millennial generation is said to be against face-to-face interaction. The newest generation to enter the job search is all about instant gratification, written communication, and the newest technology. So the idea of meeting with strangers in person becomes more of a discomfort for millennials than it was for previous generations.  

The Oxford English Dictionary defines...

General Business / YP / Time Management February 5, 2019

3 habits for busy people to make life more manageable

Life is busy.  I know this isn’t a new statement to anyone reading this. Scheduling is especially hard for college students, who have to budget time for class, homework, extra curricular’s, a job or internship, and being social. Still, I know this isn’t a new sentiment to anyone. I’ve heard it a million times, and I deal with it in my own life. Looking at my schedule every week can...