Friday Connections Recap - 5/29/2020 - Mindfulness

As we enter a period of renewal and change, Your Clear Next Step is committed to helping our customers make their businesses and workdays even better. We will be here to walk beside you, to listen, to connect, and to aid in your search for clarity.  In doing so, we are offering a free, weekly Zoom calls, called Friday Connections, at 1:15pm (CDT) every Friday from 5/8/2020 - 8/7/2020.

These calls are a chance for us to share tips and discussion about relevant topics (working remotely, maintaining consistency in uncertain times, building relationships across geography, staying motivated, staying connected, etc) and network with each other to provide help and support during this time of change.

Thank you to everyone who was able to join us today! Next week, we will not be hosting Friday Connections because of the Christian Business Conference. We would love to have you join! Learn more here! Click here to join our next call on Friday, June 12th at 1:15pm (CDT). 

On today's call...

Sinikka talked about mindfulness.

We’ve hinted at it before, and its’s become a top-of-mind topic for many of us…mindfulness. Let’s spend a few minutes talking about what it is and why it’s good for us, and then add in some how to do it. 

Mindfulness is the technique that allows you to be more present, more aware of your current circumstances. 

Why it’s good for us? 

  • Lots of health benefits for you personally (physical well-being, mental/emotional well-being, spiritual well-being, less stress, longer life span, richer relationships, more laughter), and practicing these can give you better success at work too! 
  • Keeps you from missing out on your own moments. If we go barreling through without being mindful, we run the risk of missing out. 
  • Keeps you from mis-stepping in someone else's moments. If we’re not mindful of someone else in a given moment, at worst, we risk damaging relationships irreparably.  At the best, we risk missing an opportunity to lift them up. 

How to do it? 

  • An awareness (without judgement) of sensations, feelings, and thoughts 
  • Deep breathing
  • Focused thinking 
  • Sensory awareness 
  • Practicing it can improve your health 
  • Getting good at it involves making a habit of it 

A few thoughts that were shared by the group:  

  •  One participant has been trying meditation. They found an app called Waking Up. So far it has helped them fall asleep, so they're going to try to not meditate before bed.  
  • One participant had a program at work that helped with focus and mood elevation. They learned to assume positive intent which helped improve their outlook on interactions.  
  • One participant was extremely mindful about how they built their business. They were being mindful of how their actions, personally and in business, play into how people perceive them. 
  • One participant is working on being more mindful in their life. 
  • One participant found a mindfulness exercise that also incorporates gratefulness. They start by focusing on their breathing and then moving throughout their senses find something that they are grateful for in each sense.  

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Sinikka Waugh

About the Author

Sinikka Waugh

Sinikka Waugh is a recognized leader in understanding people and in adapting tools, techniques, and processes to meet the demands of the situation at hand. Since 2006, Sinikka has provided compassionate leadership in transformation initiatives. When she isn’t in front of a class, she enjoys putting her background in English and French Literature to work, by writing blogs about the subjects she teaches every day. Are you ready? If you are, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us!


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