Friday Connections Recap - 5/8/2020 - What to do while you’re waiting

As we enter a period of renewal and change, Your Clear Next Step is committed to helping our customers make their businesses and workdays even better. We will be here to walk beside you, to listen, to connect, and to aid in your search for clarity.  In doing so, we are offering a free, weekly Zoom calls, called Friday Connections, at 1:15pm (CDT) every Friday from 5/8/2020 - 8/7/2020.

These calls are a chance for us to share tips and discussion about relevant topics (working remotely, maintaining consistency in uncertain times, building relationships across geography, staying motivated, staying connected, etc) and network with each other to provide help and support during this time of change.

Thank you to everyone who was able to join us today! Click here to join our next call on Friday, May 15th at 1:15pm (CDT). 

On today's call...

Sinikka talked about what to do while you're waiting.

We’re in a period of waiting right now – waiting to open, waiting for things to go back to normal, waiting for whatever is next.  Even the phrase “we’ll wait and see” is cropping up more and more.  But waiting causes unrest.  Waiting is hard.  If we’re not naturally inclined to patience, or if we’re naturally predisposed to being in control, then waiting is especially hard 

So for today, I’m going to ask us to share waiting tips, and waiting strategies. 

  • Asking the question “am I ready”? Do some planning 
  • Closing something else well. Is there something you’ve been working on that you can finish and that you can reflect on? 
  • Making a “waiting game. 
  • Taking advantage of the extra moments...
    • Starting a new hobby 
    • Developing a new skill 
    • Building/investing in a relationship 


A few thoughts that were shared by the group:  

  • One participant, made the decision to retire earlier this year and started cleaning their office 
  • One participant shared that sometimes the waiting for a trip is more exciting than the trip. 
  • One participant reminds themselves that their current workload and activity level isn’t bad, it’s just different. They are being intentional on what they can do without rushing through things. They approach everyday with a positive mindset! 
  • One participant’s favorite part of waiting is when they forget they order something so they get really excited all over again when their package arrives.  
  • One participant waits to answer the phone when it rings. They take two breaths: one breath to stop what they're doing and another breath to focus on who’s on the other end. 
  • One participant is challenged determining if they are waiting because it’s not the right time or are they waiting because they are procrastinating.  
  • One participant is using this waiting time to learn new skills and completing projects. They are enjoying this time to try new things. 
  • One participant is waiting for the opportunity to reschedule some trips. They aren’t waiting to go back to the office, though. They have adjusted to working from home. They have been using some vacation days to work on projects throughout the week.
  • The Princess Bride shows us that we can all do something, instead of standing there helpless on the side of a cliff, waiting for someone to slowly scale the wall.
  • We can use our extra time to help the community by
    • making masks
    • offering study sessions
    • deliver make-your-own pizza kits to families
  • We can learn new skills like
    • The guitar
    • Frisbee golf
    • Hiking in a new park
    • Craft with the items in your bin that you've had for quite a while 
    • Make one of grandma’s recipes that you don't quite have down yet.

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Sinikka Waugh

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Sinikka Waugh

Sinikka Waugh is a recognized leader in understanding people and in adapting tools, techniques, and processes to meet the demands of the situation at hand. Since 2006, Sinikka has provided compassionate leadership in transformation initiatives. When she isn’t in front of a class, she enjoys putting her background in English and French Literature to work, by writing blogs about the subjects she teaches every day. Are you ready? If you are, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us!


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