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Networking: Short and Sweet

Never go into a networking event without these 4 things


I was at a conference this week and was reminded just how many networking opportunities there are! Whether you’re at a conference, scrolling LinkedIn, attending a dedicated networking session in your industry, or attending your kid’s baseball game, there are opportunities to connect and grow your network everywhere you go. 

A while back at a networking group I started for women in my area, we talked about how the word networking is scary. We don’t call events “networking” anymore, we call them meet-ups or mingles. Networking doesn’t have to be scary, though! It’s just meeting new people and building relationships with them. Here are four things to do before a networking, meet-up, or mingle. 


1) A Goal

Plan ahead--do you have something specific you want to get out of this opportunity? Are you trying to fill a position? Are you trying to get connected to a particular group, committee, or network? Are you searching for contacts in a specific profession? Are you looking for potential clients? Anticipate who will be there. Who do you want to meet? Do you have a minimum number of people you want to meet? No matter what it is, always go in with a goal. The sense of purpose will motivate you to get out there, especially if networking isn't one of your favorite things to do. Which reminds us...


2) A Smile!

You might be thinking "But it's networking. I hate networking." All the more reason to smile (with teeth, please)! Trust us--it's science. No really--remember, "You're never fully dressed without a smile!"


3) Your Business Card

Make sure you stock up before you go--you're there to meet people, and other people are there to meet you! So ask questions, introduce yourself. Find some common ground; how can you both benefit from this new relationship--can you help solve a problem? Can you do business together? Do you know someone who would benefit from a connection with your new acquaintance? It's important to connect the dots and find out more about how you can work together.


4) A Follow-up Plan

You're not done as soon as you shake hands and say "We should grab coffee sometime!" If you really want to build a connection and grow your personal network, you have to invest in that relationship and that network just like you would any other relationship. Acknowledge the connection in a meaningful way within 24 hours of meeting. HINT: You probably won't do this unless it's already on your calendar. Anytime you attend a conference or event with other professionals, block off an hour the next day in advance so you've already carved out time to follow up. 

Your follow-up could be in an email, a phone call, a request to connect on LinkedIn--anything! Just keep the relationship meaningful. Found a helpful article you think they might like? Forward the link. See an event (or class!) they might be interested in? Share it with them! Obviously you don't want to be a nuisance, but it's great to let them know you haven't forgotten about them every once in a while! 


What about you? What are your networking tips? Let us know in the comments or on social media!


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