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Better Workday, Better Life

4 Simple Ways to Boost Your Workday 


I recently read an article on simple tips to live longer and healthier lives. Sounds great, right? I admittedly opened the article hoping for something that was new-something that I hadn’t tried before, or something that I hadn’t heard before.

When I opened the article I found 8 things that I had heard before-over and over again. And that just proved their point. See, our health has become something that we try to hack. How can I lose my “Covid 19” (those pesky extra pounds) quick? Can this miracle drink help me burn fat while I sleep? Can this supplement do all the work of working out without me ever having to break a sweat? 

It turns out there are some really simple ways to stay healthy and improve our longevity, we just need to do them. Thankfully there are a few things you can do while at work that will help you live a longer, healthier life, and have a better workday. 


1 - Movement Breaks

We’ve all heard it before and we’ve all made excuses why we can’t. Exercise is so beneficial to our health, mentally and physically. It can lower your risk of disease and help grow your brain. It is vital to sustaining a healthy life, but how can you do it at work?

Schedule movement breaks throughout your day. These don’t have to be long. Just five simple minutes of stretching can help you reset your brain for your next task, and keep you moving and breathing. 

Something else you could consider is an adjustable desk. If you can stand for your 2pm meeting instead of slumping back in your chair, you will be more focused and will be helping your body for the long term. 


2 - Call Your Colleagues

Spending time actually talking to your colleagues, hearing their voice, is beneficial for a variety of reasons. Social connections can reduce stress and reduce risk of disease. It also boosts productivity. If you are comfortable with your co-workers, then you can more easily work and be creative. Laughing with your coworkers is even better. So what can you do?

Call your colleague. Make time to call them instead of sending another email in the chain. If you have a question hop on a quick video call and talk it out. If you have a meeting, schedule a few minutes at the beginning or ending to just chat. Here at YCNS, we love using the EOS model of sharing our personal and professional bests at the beginning of our team meetings.

Make sure you spend some time laughing together. Fun work environments equal higher productivity, engagement, trust, and energy. Take some time to intentionally laugh together


3 - Sleep

Ok, so this one doesn’t happen at work, but it is so important for your work, and life. Getting 8 hours of good sleep is important to help your brain recover from the day and refresh for a new day. It helps you store the information you learned in a day and remember it. So how can you get better sleep?

Before you log off for the day make a list of what you need to accomplish tomorrow. Make a plan for how you will accomplish those things so you don’t have to think about them after logging off. Eliminating some of the uncertainty of the next day helps for a more peaceful night of rest. (Don’t forget to celebrate your accomplishments from the day, too!)

You should also be practicing mindfulness. Being mindful helps you be aware of your present. It can help you focus on the tasks at hand, and relax when it’s time to shut down. Incorporating mindfulness into your routine could help you sleep better. 


4 - Look Out A Window

Spending time in nature can kick-start your work day. Time outside can help reduce stress and anxiety, and can enhance your creativity. Fresh air can give your brain that midday boost that it needs to make it to 5pm. A little sunlight can help you warm up and be more motivated after sitting in the cold conference room. So how do you become one with nature during work?

Take a moment to step away and look out a window. Step into the sunshine and look outside. If you can open the window, take in a deep breath of fresh air. If you can’t, take a moment to imagine that feeling. 

Even better, if you have a chance to get outside and take a quick movement break, do it! If you are commuting to lunch, choose an option that you can walk to and walk outside. Take a quick break between your meetings to step outside and take a lap around the building or your house. Even on the walk to your car, take a moment to be mindful, and enjoy being outside. 


Taking care of our bodies helps us have better work days. We can boost our productivity and creativity by incorporating a few simple, all natural moments into our days. 


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