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Do you foster reflection?

An Attitude of Gratitude

The unofficial-official end of summer weekend has just concluded. Now we're heading back to school, and looking forward to the approaching holiday season. I hope your season brings you and your family many blessings, and I hope your holidays are full of peace, love, and joy. We all need that right now. 

As we approach this busy season, that is sure to be more busy this year, I wanted to share a short day-brightener that you can use throughout this busy season and beyond. I invite you to take a minute to reflect on the year with us.  

In our instantaneous, I-need-it-now day-to-day lifestyle, we rarely take a moment to pause and reflect about what is happening around us and what makes us grateful. In the spirit of the season, we'd like to encourage you to take a couple minutes and do just that.

It's painless, we promise, and the outcome might surprise you. Studies show that individuals who express profound gratitude on a regular basis are some of the happiest folks around.

We've adapted our 3-2-1 class retrospective to make it easy--go on and give it a try. Bring it to your family during holiday get-togethers and see if folks would be up for going around the room and sharing their own answers!


What are 3 things you're thankful for this year?


What are 2 things you learned this year?


What's 1 thing you'll never forget from this year?


Reflection is important for us to slow down and understand what makes us who we are, what makes us happy. You have the ability to share that happiness and maybe brighten someone’s stormy day. Think about those you are thankful for. Think about the person that has had a positive impact on you, and what you would say to them. Now tell them! Write them a letter, shoot them a text, give them a call or an email. You won’t be sorry, and it might be the best Holiday present they receive this year.

You can also view our on-demand webinar How to Make Sure Next Year Is Even Better Than This Year to learn some similar reflection tools.


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