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Doing What is Right

3 More Tips to Help You Do What Is Right (Not Just What Is Easy) This Holiday Season

We've shared before that in the hurry and hustle of the end-of-year season, sometimes it’s easy to do what’s easy or fun, rather than what is right. We get it. We’re human too. We’re all weary and anxious for some time off, and ready to hit reset on a new year. That readiness to move on sometimes manifests itself as “taking the easy path”. Here are three quick tips to help you do what is right, not just what is easy…

For your communication

Stay strong in your commitment to ensure your communication is about the other person (not about what’s easier for you). If the person you’re trying to communicate with prefers a certain communication method, or likes to see results in a certain way, don’t rush through messaging this time of year, just because there’s a lot on your plate.


Take the time to put the receiver first. Chances are high that they’re busy too, so if you want to really go the extra mile, use a backup communication approach that they might appreciate, in addition to the primary approach you know they like best.


For your deliverables

Sure, it’s easier to just hit “send” or “save” or “print”, but wouldn’t you rather be the person who is known for consistently being typo-free – not just typo-free when it’s easy or convenient? Give it one more proof or one more read-through before you publish it or share it.


Cross your t’s, dot your i's, engage someone else to look it over one more time to make sure it’s right. Chances are high that in our holiday haste we’ve missed something – better to catch it before it goes out the door.


For your wellness

It’s easy to give in, go out, sleep in, binge out, but the right thing to do is to continue to take care of your body. When presented with the option, make the healthier choice.


Take the stairs instead of the elevator; park further away rather than as close as you can; choose more veggies and hummus than brownies and pie at those holiday gatherings. Choose to get enough sleep instead of staying up late to finish the gift wrapping or watch that favorite holiday movie. During this holiday season, your body will thank you. While taking the easy path is of course easy, it's not always right.


How do you do what's right during the Holiday season? Let us know in the comments or on social media! 


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