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General Business / Project Management / YP / Collaboration / Sinikka Waugh May 21, 2020

Common Ground

For many years, Your Clear Next Step has been bridging gaps and bringing people closer together so that we can have better, more successful work days. Between Project Managers and Business Analysts, traditional Waterfall and more iterative, Agile approaches, there have been some divisions over the years, but the common ground is pretty abundant. It turns out they’re not as far apart as some...

General Business / Communication / YP / Collaboration / Sinikka Waugh May 21, 2020

Presentation Vs. Facilitation

What’s the Difference?!

Presentation and Facilitation. They’re pretty common terms in our training and development world, so we’re sure you’ve heard them both before too. But have you ever found yourself wondering “what’s the difference?!”

Leadership / General Business / YP / Sinikka Waugh May 15, 2020

Develop Yourself

The What, Why and How of Professional Development

Our new routine has created more time in some of our calendars. Some of us don't have to travel to work anymore; some of us have fewer things on the agenda; some of us have more space to think in a different way and to consider things in a new way. With this extra time or space to think, we have the perfect opportunity to invest in our...

General Business / YP / Time Management / Sinikka Waugh May 12, 2020

How Can I Get Out of My Own Way to Get Stuff Done?

We wish that having an extra day in the year would give us time to get oodles of stuff done, but unfortunately, that's not the case. In fact, with warmer weather, and more daylight hours, you're probably going to feel like doing just about anything but work. Here are a few things that can help you get your act together and stay in gear in spite of the sunshine taunting you through the tiny...

Change / YP / Faith May 11, 2020

The God of the In-Between

Change is an important topic here at Your Clear Next Step. Sometimes, in season of change, there is a space in-between what was and what is going to be which can be an uncomfortable place to be in. We invite you to enjoy this inspiration from a recent intern, Lydia, as she shares her perspective on finding comfort during an in-between.


Communication / YP / Collaboration / Sinikka Waugh April 23, 2020

Going the Extra Mile

Going the Extra Mile to Make an Impact

I’ve heard people talk about and describe how they’re experiencing crisis fatigue. When a crisis extends in time beyond days and into long weeks, we struggle to process it, and we wind up seeing impacts to our ability to focus, to relate, to connect, and to sometimes even stay awake as we focus on survival mode.

Leadership / General Business / Change / Project Management / YP / Collaboration February 18, 2020

So, What Exactly Is Emotional Intelligence?

Let’s talk a little about the warm and fuzzy side of maintaining healthy relationships: Emotional Intelligence. Ok, maybe not as warm and fuzzy as you thought it was going to be, but your EI (or EQ) is super important in the workplace and at home. So, what exactly is Emotional Intelligence?

Leadership / General Business / Communication / YP / Collaboration / Sinikka Waugh January 28, 2020

2-4-6-8, How do we appreciate...other people?

Planning Meaningful Acts of Appreciation

General Business / Communication / Change / YP / Sinikka Waugh January 21, 2020

Getting Comfortable with Being Uncomfortable

It's probably safe to assume that you're well acquainted with your personal comfort zone, right? When was the last time you took a step outside that comfort zone?

Leadership / General Business / YP / Sinikka Waugh January 7, 2020

Empowerment Starts With You

Tips to Empower Yourself and Others