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Change / Sinikka Waugh November 6, 2020

Moving Forward

Lessons Learned After the Election

It's been a long several months here in the US. Our oversized share of COVID-19 cases and deaths, civil unrest and an effort to achieve racial justice, and an election that created record turnouts.

Change / Faith / Sinikka Waugh November 3, 2020

The Process of Grief

It's Hard For People

Grief is one of those uncomfortable topics that most of us would rather avoid. It’s unpleasant, and it brings up feelings of loss, sadness, uncertainty, even fear. But as the work of Elisabeth Kübler-Ross applied to change management has shown us, understanding grief is an important part of any change or transition.

Change / Faith / Sinikka Waugh October 28, 2020

Change Is Hard

Because It's Hard For People

Let’s look at three quick examples of change your church might have experienced in the last few years…

Leadership / Change / Sinikka Waugh August 14, 2020

Crises Can Cause Change

Change Can Cause Crisis, But It Doesn’t Have To

Crises can cause change. For sure, they cause disruption, but they don’t always produce change.

General Business / Change / YP / Time Management / Sinikka Waugh June 26, 2020

Seven Daily Habits

Habits to make work successful, wherever you are

While it may feel like bad habits form overnight, habits (including good ones!) take a while to form. There are so many resources that point to how good habits help us reach our goals - career goals, project goals, wellness goals - it’s not what we do once in a while that makes the difference, rather it’s the daily habits we live out on a...

Change / YP / Collaboration / Sinikka Waugh June 12, 2020


What is mindfulness, really?

Spring is wrapping up.

General Business / Change / YP / Collaboration / Sinikka Waugh June 5, 2020

Grief in Times of Change

Three Key Benefits to Understanding the Stages of Grief

There have been a number of things in our society and in our world lately over which many of us are grieving. A year that started with such great promise brought things like fires in Australia that brought destruction, a global pandemic that brought illness, death, missed opportunities, business closures, loss of livelihood, a disruption...

Change / YP / Faith May 11, 2020

The God of the In-Between

Change is an important topic here at Your Clear Next Step. Sometimes, in season of change, there is a space in-between what was and what is going to be which can be an uncomfortable place to be in. We invite you to enjoy this inspiration from a recent intern, Lydia, as she shares her perspective on finding comfort during an in-between.

Isaiah 43: 16, 18-19 says, "Thus says the Lord, who...

Change / Sinikka Waugh / COVID-19 May 1, 2020

When the Change Wasn't What You Wanted

Four Tips for What to Do if Faced with Change You Didn't Want

I teach a lot of change management classes, and one of the key concepts we talk about that helps people move from “A” (current state) to “B” (future state) is knowing that B is better.  John Kotter, the authority on leading change in an organizational context, says that we have to make sure “B” is obviously and urgently better than...

Change / Sinikka Waugh March 19, 2020

Avoiding Pandemonium Amid The Pandemic

Six Reminders of How We Can Co-Create Greatness

Regardless of your own personal perspective on the COVID-19 pandemic, the reality is that it’s causing changes to our workplaces and lives that have the potential to turn this pandemic into pandemonium. Times like these require a little extra awareness and patience.In our continued commitment to help co-create better work places, so we can have...