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Change December 14, 2018

4 Easy Approaches to Inspiring Change

Sometimes we have to motivate the people around us to change. Maybe there’s a behavior that needs to stop (or start). Maybe together we need to embark on a new journey. Could be something minor, could be something pretty significant. Either way, we do others a disservice when we assume that everyone will respond to a given change the same way. It’s not reasonable to assume that you’ll respond...

Change December 14, 2018

3 Simple Steps to Managing Change

I heard someone observe the other day “Change has never come at us as fast as it’s coming today, and it will never be this slow again.”  When the statement was uttered (and several times since then when I’ve used it in multiple settings), there seem to be two collective responses:

Communication / Change November 7, 2018

Change Ahead for a Conflicted America

Published November 15, 2016 - Updated November 7, 2018

Last week, in the aftermath of our Presidential election, we weren't quite sure what we should say in our weekly newsletter. Did we address the elephant in the room, or did we avoid starting or contributing to an already difficult, devolving conversation? We wrestled with our message that week--with how or if our newsletter was the right...

Change October 10, 2018

Why You Should Care about Change Management

As I mentioned in a previous post, I want to teach math. This semester I am student teaching. During the course of my time, I have been involved in a more than a few meetings. Two of the meetings I was involved in demonstrated perfectly why everyone should care about change management.