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Communication / Collaboration / Sinikka Waugh January 16, 2020

You Don’t Know if You Don’t Ask

5 Steps for Seeking Feedback

In last week’s blog, we shared some tips on preparing for and sharing feedback, ultimately helping us treat feedback more like a gift. As we continue to seek a more open dialog of feedback in the new year, I encourage each of us, in our relentless pursuit of even better, to ask others for their feedback, perspectives, insights, or other wisdom they could share to...

Communication / Collaboration / Sinikka Waugh January 14, 2020

Navigating Through Tough Moments

4 Things To Make Difficult Conversations Less...Difficult

We found these tips in an article for delivering feedback, and we think they can be used for just about any difficult conversation or tough moment, so we wanted to add a few of our own and pass them along!

General Business / Communication / Collaboration / Sinikka Waugh January 9, 2020

One More Gift

7 Questions to Ask Before Giving the Gift of Feedback

For years you’ve heard us talk about feedback being a gift. When someone gives me feedback I realize that they are saying, “Sinikka, you’re awesome, and you could be even more awesome!” Sometimes when people give us feedback, though, it doesn’t feel very ‘gifty’. Instead it feels ‘judgey’ or even critical and corrective rather than...

Collaboration / Sinikka Waugh January 2, 2020

Keep the Peace

Five Tactical Ways to Keep the Peace Wherever You Find Yourself

Especially during this busy holiday time of year, extended families wind up getting together, sometime for extended periods of time. Deadlines at work are looming large on the horizon. The weather is creating extra havoc with snow and ice. But, despite peace on Earth being what is often wished for, peace can be really hard to...

General Business / Collaboration / Sinikka Waugh December 26, 2019

Three Tips from a Tuesday

Three Tips from a Not So Ordinary Tuesday

As the year winds to a close, I thought it might be fun to share the insights that come from a regular day on the job. This was a day not too long ago. It was a regular Tuesday by many accounts, and not so regular by others. Monday, as Mondays often are, had been filled with plenty of commotion, lots of work, a few unfinished tasks, a fair amount of...

Communication / YP / Collaboration / Sinikka Waugh December 24, 2019

2 Personality Traits that Impact Your Present

3 reminders about how your perception of the world impacts your personal reality

What's the secret to happiness? Is it different depending on whether you're at work or at home? What about happiness in a relationship?

General Business / Collaboration / Sinikka Waugh December 19, 2019

What's Bugging You?

Five Tips for Overcoming Annoyance


Leadership / General Business / Communication / Project Management / YP / Collaboration / Sinikka Waugh December 3, 2019

Oops, we did it again!

Keys to Recovering from (and Preventing) Mistakes

Communication / Collaboration / Sinikka Waugh November 28, 2019

Think Before You Speak

Three Tests for Thinking Before You Speak

If you’ve been with us for any length of time, you know that communication is one of our highest priority topics. This week, we’re focusing in on the ability to think before we speak. It is communication, yes, but it is also self-management and the ability to curb our instincts before making a sound.

General Business / YP / Collaboration / Sinikka Waugh November 26, 2019

Finding Peace

4 Tips for Finding Peace During the Hustle and Bustle