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Communication April 4, 2019

Listen Up! 8 Tips for Even Better Listening

Communication continues to be something many of us talk about. A lot. You can read blogs or articles or watch webinars on communication at just about any moment. Any good definition of communication describes it as a loop. The message is prepared and sent by the sender. It is received and decoded by the receiver. Then the receiver sends a confirmation of receipt back to the sender.

General Business / Communication / Collaboration February 7, 2019

Raise Your ARM

I am struck with how many times we seem to demand perfection of ourselves or of those around us. It’s as if in our haste to make things excellent, we forget that perfection is a direction not a destination. And then we, as fallen human beings, will continue to make mistakes day after day. When we demand perfection of someone else, we are setting an expectation that is unachievable. When we...

Communication February 6, 2019

Listening Ears: Tips for Effective Communication

Some of our most popular classes have titles like “Can You Hear Me Now?” “Is Your Message Getting Through?” and “Be Heard”. With that kind of demand, it sounds like our clients are experiencing a phenomenon that is consistent with what we’re seeing on Facebook and other social media platforms too. Lots of people are talking, and not nearly as many are actually listening.

Communication / YP February 6, 2019

Drive-Thru Communication

When I was about four years old, my parents drove the van through the drive-in part of the bank. After completing their business, they drove away. From the back seat, I piped up and asked, “Where are my fries?” Of course, I never would have imagined that we were doing anything as dull as banking. Surely, we were getting food. All other drive-thru experiences had ended with fries. This...

Communication / YP / Collaboration February 6, 2019

Define the Relationship

I started reading relationship books when I was in middle school. I know it’s not your typical middle schooler reading, but I wanted to learn about how to cultivate positive relationships. Since that time, I have had many a conversation with friends about defining the relationship (DTR). Defining the relationship is a process that the people in a relationship undergo to ensure that all parties...

Communication / Collaboration February 5, 2019

Can We Really Agree to Disagree?

Spoiler alert: yes.

There have been a number of things going on in our society and in our various workplaces recently that are challenging some pretty foundational assumptions we have about ourselves and other people. 

Communication / Change November 7, 2018

Change Ahead for a Conflicted America

Published November 15, 2016 - Updated November 7, 2018

Last week, in the aftermath of our Presidential election, we weren't quite sure what we should say in our weekly newsletter. Did we address the elephant in the room, or did we avoid starting or contributing to an already difficult, devolving conversation? We wrestled with our message that week--with how or if our newsletter was the right...

Leadership / Communication October 4, 2018

Convince Them Communication

I’ve been teaching a lot of project management classes lately and throughout the classes there are opportunities for people to ask questions about interacting with others; it could be stakeholder engagement, it could leadership, coaching, or motivating team members, etc.

General Business / Communication September 20, 2018

Conflict at Work

Conflict is not fun, especially at work. If you have a conflict with your family, you can probably yell at them without major repercussions. If you yell at people you work with, you will probably lose your job or least jeopardize your place in the organization. Like I said, conflict is not fun.

General Business / Communication September 13, 2018

The Three Way Test

Legend has it that one day the Greek philosopher Socrates (470 – 399 BC) was approached by someone trying to get his attention. The person called out, in the Greek vernacular of the time, “Hey Socrates, wait until you hear what I just learned about So-and-So”.  Before the guy could even say another word, Socrates stopped him and said something like “Wait.  Before you tell me this thing, it...