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General Business / Communication / YP / Collaboration / Sinikka Waugh May 21, 2020

Presentation Vs. Facilitation

What’s the Difference?!

Presentation and Facilitation. They’re pretty common terms in our training and development world, so we’re sure you’ve heard them both before too. But have you ever found yourself wondering “what’s the difference?!”

Communication / Collaboration / Sinikka Waugh / COVID-19 May 7, 2020

Don’t Let It Get Contentious

Managing Emotions When Things Start to Change

Just recently here in Iowa, Governor Kim Reynolds has begun reopening businesses and counties across the state. Discussions around the nation have begun focusing on the reopening of the economy. It is easy to adopt the mentality of, “We’re all in this together,” but in actuality, we’re not. We are all coming from vastly different places and...

Communication / Project Management / Sinikka Waugh May 6, 2020

A Fable to Fix Your Projects

Diggin' Holes

Communication / YP / Collaboration / Sinikka Waugh April 23, 2020

Going the Extra Mile

Going the Extra Mile to Make an Impact

I’ve heard people talk about and describe how they’re experiencing crisis fatigue. When a crisis extends in time beyond days and into long weeks, we struggle to process it, and we wind up seeing impacts to our ability to focus, to relate, to connect, and to sometimes even stay awake as we focus on survival mode.

Communication / Collaboration / Sinikka Waugh / COVID-19 April 10, 2020

Different Perspectives

5 Tips for Realizing and Coping with Other Perspectives

I was recently reminded of a reality: My perspective and your perspective are not the only perspectives.

Communication / Sinikka Waugh / COVID-19 April 3, 2020

Emotional Containment

A Few Tips for Better Work Days During Times of Change

The COVID-19 pandemic is disrupting our workplaces and our daily lives in many ways.  In our continued commitment to help us all have better work days so that we can contribute to our communities in positive ways, we at Your Clear Next Step would like to offer some actionable ways we can make our human interactions even better with the...

General Business / Communication / Collaboration / Sinikka Waugh March 5, 2020

More Great Days

4 Emotions to Hone In On for Even More Great Days

In a recent post, we talked about three really common emotions that can prevent us from having great days at work. The three we covered in that blog - hangry, unfocused, and anxious - are ones we might be willing to talk about or even joke about among our colleagues. But they’re not the only emotions that get in the way of co-creating good days.

General Business / Communication / Collaboration / Sinikka Waugh February 27, 2020

Better Days Ahead

3 Emotions That Prevent Us from Having Good Days and How to Fix Them

These days, we hear a lot of talk of emotional intelligence and how important it is to our professional journey. At Your Clear Next Step, we have written on and taught about emotional intelligence a lot. It’s a topic that allows us to move from contributor to influencer to leader in our organizations. And, by growing in your...

Communication / Sinikka Waugh February 25, 2020

Can You Talk to Your Boss... About Anything?

We have a question for you: are you intimidated by your leaders? The thing is, bosses are people, too. We could throw a tired cliche at you to prove it, but we'll refrain, even though we all put our pants on one leg at a time. (Come on, did you really think we wouldn't go there?)

Communication / Collaboration / Sinikka Waugh February 20, 2020

Speak Up, But Do It Well

Four Ways to Speak Up Well

For years we have been encouraging people to speak up. If you have an idea or a contribution, speak up. ‘If you see something, say something’ is the campaign in the airports. If you see an injustice, speak up. If you want to make a name for yourself, speak up. If you want to be heard or recognized, speak up. If you have a concern or an issue or a problem that needs...