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Leadership / Sinikka Waugh October 27, 2020

Intentionally, Reliably Useful

Hiring Successful Interns, the First Time

Since 2010, Your Clear Next Step has hosted lots of interns. The vast majority of our internship experiences have been successful. A couple were a struggle. Some lasted a semester, while some lasted multiple years. Right now, we have two who are team members working with us – one who opted to continue her part time internship even as she moves on to...

Leadership / General Business / Collaboration October 27, 2020

10 Leadership DO's!

Since leadership is always a hot topic, we wanted to share this spot-on article from about leadership--we put our own little spin on it, but it was too good not to pass along.

Leadership / General Business October 13, 2020

Room to Grow (and Influence Others)

As employees and individual contributors become more autonomous in today's working environment, influence without authority has become a hot topic or buzz-phrase. You've been honing your influence your entire career--even before you got your first job, in fact! Here's a secret: your influence will never reach full capacity, which is kind of cool because that means there's always something you...

Leadership / General Business / Collaboration October 6, 2020

Who's Deciding, and How?

What's most important on this project: scope, time, or cost? Will Vendor A or Vendor B be a better fit for our organization today? Should I escalate this risk or issue? What do I want for dinner? What color should we paint the front door? Who should I vote for on November 8th?

Leadership / General Business / YP September 29, 2020

To Lead or Not to Lead

(It's not really a question)

Leadership / General Business / Sinikka Waugh September 18, 2020

In the Zoom and in the room?

Juggling meeting with in-person and virtual participants

A couple weeks ago, we shared a piece on workplace etiquette as we wrestle with going back to sharing workspaces. As other tools and applications hit the market that are designed to make remote work easier, I don’t see Zoom or Google Hangouts going to go away, and video conferencing is now, I believe, a permanent part of how we do business.

Leadership August 17, 2020

Building A Mindset Of Reflective Leadership

If you ever wondered, there are 10,080 minutes in a week. And if you wonder why this matters, let me share the Reader’s Digest version of what prompted me to do the math …

Leadership / Change / Sinikka Waugh August 14, 2020

Crises Can Cause Change

Change Can Cause Crisis, But It Doesn’t Have To

Crises can cause change. For sure, they cause disruption, but they don’t always produce change.

Leadership / General Business / Time Management / Sinikka Waugh June 30, 2020

Vacations! Who Needs 'Em? Spoiler Alert: You do

Chill Out and Make the Most Out of Your Vacation

Leadership / General Business / Project Management / Collaboration / Sinikka Waugh May 26, 2020

4 Ways to Help Interns Be Successful

And Meaningful within Your Organization

We all know that Memorial day means the start of Summer, and that means you might have some Summer interns in your future. What do you actually do with an intern, anyway? And how do you manage them and make it an effective use of your time?