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Leadership December 27, 2018

4 Things To Look For In An Elected Official

Elections are a fairly common occurrence in this country, whether at the polls on Super Tuesday, or within professional organizations or other groups. Many of the professional associations of which I’m a member are experiencing their annual election process right now.  And with election day literally around the corner for many local races, this seems like the right time to chime in with a...

Communication / Leadership October 4, 2018

Convince Them Communication

I’ve been teaching a lot of project management classes lately and throughout the classes there are opportunities for people to ask questions about interacting with others; it could be stakeholder engagement, it could leadership, coaching, or motivating team members, etc.

Leadership August 30, 2018

Five Desirable Behaviors Employees Want to See in Their Leaders

A few weeks back I was asked to give a two-hour session to a group of senior leaders on the topic of “leadership” and how it ties to core values.  Yikes.  There are few more talked-about, written-about, blogged-about, topics than leadership.  There are training programs, certification programs, and even degrees available in the subject.  So what do you extract for an up-beat, applicable,...