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General Business / Sinikka Waugh November 24, 2020

Practicing Your Attitude of Gratitude

Practical Ways to Show Your Gratitude

As we pause for just a moment and reflect on this Thanksgiving season here in the US, most of us, when we stop and think about it, have much for which we can be thankful, even during a pandemic.  

General Business / Collaboration / Sinikka Waugh November 19, 2020

The Art of Professionalism

Deciding to Put Others Ahead of Ourselves

I grew up never really knowing what professionalism was. I came from a blue collar family that was more about living and acting in the moment according to the culture. We didn’t always consider our actions and how we should behave or what we should or shouldn’t say around others.

General Business / Collaboration / Sinikka Waugh November 17, 2020

Be Essential

3 Things Essential to Being Essential

As we are moving or continuing to stay virtual, it is important to stay connected with your team. You can become and remain an essential team member, even if you’re not rubbing elbows with your colleagues. Think of people you enjoy working with, people who you know have your back whenever you're on a project together, or things are getting busy at work....

General Business / Sinikka Waugh November 12, 2020

Our Core Values

How We Apply Our Core Values

General Business / Faith / Sinikka Waugh November 10, 2020

Your Workday Persona

Aligning Your Values With Work

Over the years, I’ve encountered many people who seem to have different personas – a “work” persona and a “life” persona. And I suppose that many of us do find ourselves in different roles, perhaps leader at work, friend at the gym, or maybe friend at church and student in yoga class, parent, child, sibling – you get the idea. And I am not saying that there’s not...

General Business / Sinikka Waugh October 30, 2020

Unmarked Edges

Staying on Solid Ground

Just a few weeks ago, my younger daughter was in a four-wheeling accident. She had been riding with a friend on their property, and the two of them crossed a land bridge separately on their vehicles. On the one side of the land bridge, the farm pond was clearly visible. On the other side, the brush and scrub from the lower ground had grown up in such a way that if you...

Leadership / General Business / Collaboration October 27, 2020

10 Leadership DO's!

Since leadership is always a hot topic, we wanted to share this spot-on article from about leadership--we put our own little spin on it, but it was too good not to pass along.

General Business / YP / Sinikka Waugh October 22, 2020

When the Going Gets Gray

5 Tips to Help You Navigate the Unknown

Have you ever been driving on an early morning and hit a patch of fog so thick you couldn’t see? What was the first thought that came to mind? We’re guessing it wasn’t “Ooh, fun! I love when I can’t see--it makes everything so exciting!”

General Business / Project Management / Time Management October 20, 2020

It's Decision Time

A Few Tools to Help You Decide

General Business October 15, 2020

What Growth Season Are You In? - Part 2

Life Growth Seasons

We’re excited to continue our series on seasons of growth by Head Coach, Barb Ranck! Missed it? Catch up here

In my farming example from last week, I used a pretty simple object – corn – to describe the seasonal farming process. Once the planted corn seed has produced the ear of corn to maturity, it has fulfilled its purpose. It all happens in less than 12 months.